Saturday, July 30, 2011

Know Any Lazy People?

Ever so often at work the conversation comes around to the topic of lazy people. We all know a few of those kinds of people, either they won’t work at all, or they gripe about it constantly. Some spend more time trying to get out of work than they do actually doing their job.

I’ve often wondered why some people are just natural born workers, while others are well…not. I often see people in jobs that to most of would kill to have, but they b---h and moan about little trivial things that really don’t matter at all. They seem to have life by the tail, but instead of thriving with what they have they choose to complain about it. I think these people even though they have jobs…are actually lazy on the inside.

I doubt we will ever really know what makes a person a real worker by nature or not. I do know, that some people now matter how good a thing they have, will always find something about it they don’t like. If you don’t believe this to be true tell this little story to a few people and see how many of them tell you how they would find an easier way to do it.

Their new job is this, they will work four hours a day. They will have an air conditioned office with a nice comfy chair and desk. Their window will have a beautiful view…the whole nine yards. They will be given a stack of typing paper every morning and a brand new pen to write with. They will write on each sheet of paper…This sheet of paper is now worth 1 dollar. At the end of the shift they will be paid 1 dollar for every sheet they did correctly according to the instructions.

No one will ever actually have that job, but how many people do you know that would find a reason to either complain about it or try to cheat the system…I think you would be shocked at the number of those that would fail the first day.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New NCAA Rule Changes...Suck!

Yes I said it…they suck! Especially the unsportsmanlike like conduct one. If a player breaks away and just before he crosses the line to score he turns and taunts the other team, the touchdown will not count. That is ridiculous! If a player launches himself into a somersault as he crosses the line…same thing, no touchdown.

From what I can tell football is still played by big, strong, fast and pretty mean grown men. These are not a bunch of sissies out there, I think they can take a little taunting. Might even make them a little more determined to not let the son of gun break away next time. Football is after all a game…let them play it.

Wonder how the great rule maker that came up with this one actually wants them to act after scoring? Maybe they should gently lay the ball on the ground and solemnly and without looking at any of the other teams players walk back to the sideline. Jeez…all the announcers that work in this state would probably quit because of boredom. We’ll have to hire golf announcers. Next they’ll be holding up little signs that say “shhhh” the quarterback is about to give the snap count. I mean really….