Sunday, October 23, 2011

For the Friends of Bobby Smith

For those of you that know Bobby, I think he might need our help. You see…I don’t think his mind is quite right today. For those of you that aren’t quite sure of what I’m talking about, let me fill ya in just a little.

Bobby Smith is a huge football fan. His team of choice is the Tennessee Vols. That alone makes me wonder about him a little, but that’s not really todays main concern. You see Bobby has stuck by his team through thick and thin. He has suffered each week as they seem to continuously be going through a rebuilding process. After having weathered many years of terrible storms I think that Bobby has finally snapped and even turned to the dark side.

This morning upon entering our workplace I witnessed a horrible event. Bobby walked in with a brand spanking new LSU hat on. Needless to say, I was in shock. Now I can understand Mr. Smith being upset over the fact that the Crimson Tide beat the dog out of his beloved Vols, but an LSU hat…really! I have to wonder if maybe already has been forgotten the beat down that LSU gave TN only last week.

Well, I did my best to console him but he wouldn’t have it. I even told him I would bring him my brand new Alabama hat if he would just please throw that nasty purple and orange one in the trash where it belonged. He just looked really lost and confused and wandered off muttering something under his breath. Sounded something like “that damn Dooley.” So I think that now is the time for all of Bobs friends to rally around him. Give him plenty of hugs and any extra Alabama gear you have around the house and let him know we will welcome in with open arms.

No finer time could be found to welcome such a great fan of the game into the Tide Nation…as we march toward another national championship.