Friday, July 6, 2012

Just Another Day: Ain't missing a thang

Just Another Day: Ain't missing a thang: Going through some pictures saved on my computer, I recently found a few I’d forgotten about. This picture today is from the river behind t...

Ain't missing a thang

Going through some pictures saved on my computer, I recently found a few I’d forgotten about. This picture today is from the river behind the house where I live. Often times, I feel like I forget what beauty actually surrounds me here at home. As I ride my motorcycle, I look for places like these. I sometimes wonder if the people that live near the places I find, take them for granted like I do back home.

I wonder if I lived next to the Grand Canyon would the scenery eventually get old or lose it’s luster. I doubt it, but to some I’m sure that probably happens. The beach is another good example. To me the beach is intoxicating. Every time I have ever gone to the beach, I want to stay. A few times when I was younger I even asked around about permanent work down there. Something about the sand, sun and waves just draws me like a magnet. The beach to me is like a modern day “Neverland.” A place where you never really have to grow up. But, would I feel that way after a year or two…who knows.

I guess I have learned one thing from exploring around a little. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side…just a different shade of green. Here in Cullman Alabama, we have a waterfall that is the product of our cities water supply lake. When the lake is too full the overflow makes a beautiful roaring waterfall. To the locals it’s pretty cool, but to someone passing through it’s like OMG! Where am I going with all this…no where really. Just encouraging you to open your eyes and see the world around you…before you miss something.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Freedom Is Not Free!

Freedom Isn’t Free

As a proud life long member of the biker nation, I have seen the saying “Freedom isn’t free” many times. On stickers, patches, jackets and vests. While some may wear their patch or sticker because it looks cool, most wear theirs in memory of someone that served in the military. Many bikers themselves served in the armed forces and proudly display the patch of the division they served in. Helmets off to these guys, they are patriotic 365 days a year. Not just the one day we set aside to celebrate our countries independence.

Shocking as it may seem, many young people today don’t really think about this day for what it is. To them it is simply “the fourth of July.” A day to party and blow up fireworks. To them the freedoms we have in this great country are taken for granted. They expect that they will always have these freedoms and nothing will ever change that. Unfortunately for all, that isn’t the case. Our forefathers fought for these freedoms and privileges we have now and many are still fighting.

This fight for freedom has been going on since the first colonist stepped foot on this great land…it will continue. What bothers me is that our nation now seems lost in the direction in which it wants to go. Are we suddenly no longer satisfied with the laws put forth many years ago? To me the constitution has seemed like a pretty good thing, something worth fighting for. But, every time I turn around someone is trying to whittle away at these old laws. Laws that have served us well. I’m betting George Washington and Ben Franklin are pretty restless in their graves right now over the state of our nation.

I was taught growing up something that many today no longer understand…respect. That’s all most people want anyway. From outlaw biker clubs right up to the president they all deserve respect. That doesn’t mean you have to like them or agree with what they do, just respect them. All people deserve a certain amount of respect no matter who they are, they are human. Where am I going with all this you may wonder? Well, I’ll tell you. I think our greatest fight for freedom isn’t across our borders, it’s with ourselves. We can no longer agree on anything. We let so many things get in our way. Race, greed, lack of respect, laziness, they all quickly come to mind. In order to remain the greatest nation on this planet, we are going to have to start acting like it again. Right now we act like a backyard baseball team that can’t decide who the pitcher is, or who is gonna play first base. So what do we do, we just stand around yelling at each other. I don’t think we’re going to fix anything until we all get on the same page. And that’s my blog for today-Happy B-day America!