Thursday, August 16, 2012

On a motorcycle road trip a few weeks ago, a friend and I pulled into a small store in the middle of nowhere to escape the rain. Upon entering the little store I got a feeling that this might just be the type of place we were hoping to find on our ride. A place that felt like places in America are supposed to feel. Like home.

As we walked through the open door the most wonderful smell awaited us. The store owner had beans of some kind simmering in a crock pot on the counter. By the smell, you could tell she had a touch of bacon mixed in as well. From the look of the aged gas pumps outside to the simple furnishings on the inside, you knew right away this was one very special mom n pop run business.

The owner was seated in the back at a little table doing some paper work when we walked in, but she quickly came out to greet us. Her charm and personality matched her quaint little place and it was a pleasure to talk with her. She informed us that we were in Fallsville and this was the only store for many miles. We also learned that Fallsville only had one resident that lived in the old building across the road. Having seen the old falling down looking place on our way in, I would have never guessed someone actually lived there. She went on to tell us that the old place used to be a tomato cannery back in the day and that it was fixed up quite nice on the inside.

We hung around thirty minutes or so drying out and talking. No other customers came in or even rode by. She said that’s just how it is here, peaceful. She said many of her customers are bikers and they will often pull in in large groups and keep her busy for a bit and then they are gone. If you are ever in the northwest corner of Arkansas you should travel highway 16 and make a point to find the little store in the little town of Fallsville. Once there, you will know you have found a piece of real America.