Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Are You Earning Yet?

Every day more people arrive on the internet looking for ways to either earn a little extra money or get rich overnight. Most of them do neither. With thousands of scams and con-artist out there most of these newbie’s are quickly chewed up and spit back out. With hope now lost of making any money many simply fade away and go back to whatever they were doing before…struggling along.
Some newbie’s however don’t fare quite so well. Some of these poor unfortunate souls spends hundreds or even thousands of their hard earned dollars on programs promising to help them earn terrific amounts of money in a very short time. In reality all they have actually done is spend lots of money and wasted a terrific amount of money that they will never see again.
So if you are new to online money making how do you get started? How do you know what programs you can trust and which ones will actually pay? First of all don’t sign up for every flashy website you find. A nice looking website does not mean it is a legitimate money making and paying site. Do some research before you start any type of program.
Some people like me make money writing articles while others do quite well at doing surveys. What skills do you have? That is a good question to ask yourself before you commit yourself to anything. Someone who doesn’t think he or she is cut out to be a writer might do well in any number of other things.
I have met some who do very well using PTC sites [pay to click] and this is all they do. Some people start a blog, monetize it, send traffic to it and do very well that way. Keep in mind what ever you choose you must work at it and build your business. You are not going to simply sign up to anything and retire in a month as many cons would have you believe. You must work at it.
Lets say you are interested in PTC sites. There are more scam sites out there than there are good ones so you need to be careful. Here is where the research comes in. It won’t take you long to find a few sites that have been around the longest and have a good reputation. These are the only ones you should even bother with. Don’t waste your time signing up for every new site that pops up and clicking ads that you will never get paid for.
Obviously the more good sites you work with the more money you make so the researching of new sites should be an on-going process. In order to do well in your new under taking learn all you can from current members of these sites. Sites such as Neo-Bux and On-Bux have very good and helpful forum sections. These forum’s are your best tools for learning how to do well in the PTC biz.
Take these same principals and apply them to whatever online type earning you choose. Learn from the ones that are already doing well and stay away from anything that looks too good to be true. I wish each of just starting out the very best of luck.