Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Solar Energy Uses

With the cost of gas once again on the rise it seems that many of us are looking for ways to save money. Solar power is becoming more and more popular, not only with individuals but business owners as well. Tax breaks are offered to help offset the cost of installation and the lower power bills are a blessing for years to come. Just imagine how much money you could save a year if you didn’t have a power bill to pay. For a business this would be a small fortune for most of us.

Just about anyone can benefit from solar energy and the good thing about it is that once set up and in place it is virtually maintenance free. Cities, counties and states are all finding money saving ways for solar uses. Bridge and overpass lighting can be run with solar panels as well as road crew signs, landscaping lights, speed limit signs, fishing piers and so much more.

I have seen many businesses and office buildings that would be excellent places to install solar panels. High rise buildings with thousands of windows would work very well and so would most factories with their huge open roofs with nothing on top but wasted space. These would be pretty big systems to install but would easily pay for themselves in a fairly short amount of time.

Pendleton, an Oregon farm town has made available to it’s citizens interest free loans for the purpose of installing solar systems. I’ll give you the link to that story in case you’d like to read more. One man’s power bill for three months in a row was only nine dollars and forty cents…awesome!

Not only can solar power help a home, business or city save money but it is it’s own form of PR simply by being there. Passersby look up and see solar panels at work and they automatically know that this company is environmentally aware. This type of PR will bring in more business and increase your standing in the community.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Writing for Income

So many of you out there are still looking and searching for anything online that will bring you in regular income. Most programs you will come across each day will turn out to be scams, many others depend on other people under you in order for you to earn money. Why not take charge of this situation yourself and quit depending on others?

Can you read and write and speak English? If you can and have a good imagination you might just make a good writer. Better yet you might turn it into a good living. Everyone has an opinion on things why not share yours with the world…and get paid for it.

There are all kinds of writers out there that get paid for what they do every day. Some are jingle writers, some are poetry writers and some are recipe writers that help bring great new food ideas to our tables. Others are song writers, novel writers, instructional writers, [boring] and even general article writers like myself. Chances are what ever you are interested in someone else will be too.

Triond is a pretty good site for new writers to start with because it is fairly user friendly. The writers here have written many articles that can greatly benefit anyone just beginning to write for pay. Keep in mind always that the idea is to write quality articles as often as you can and begin building yourself a long term residual income.

I’ll leave you links to a few more articles I’ve written to give you a little better understanding of what I do to earn my money. The very last link will be my referral link in case you’d like to join Triond today and start yourself on the path to earning. I would be very glad to have you join under me and even more glad to help you succeed.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Why have so many rules?

Ever wonder why we have so many rules? Ever wonder why some of us break so many rules from time to time? I guess it’s just human nature to both make and break rules. But as I’m about to point out there are times when rules do need to be in place and observed. Many rules often seem silly or trivial to us but you can bet that they are most likely there in place for our well being.

I fished in bass tournaments for many years and was out on the water sometimes two and three times a week. I was as about as comfortable driving my boat around as I was my truck. Matter of fact I was probably more confident on the water than I was on land. It was just this sort of confidence and complacency that could have gotten me seriously hurt or killed. This type macho thinking is common in outdoorsmen…not just fishermen, and often does get people hurt.

Now as a boater I knew perfectly well all the rules…even though I was guilty of not always following them. Rules such as wearing a life vest, having a fire extinguisher on board and not overloading a boat with too many passengers I pretty much obeyed but sometimes felt they were unnecessary. That was until one hot summer night while fishing a night tournament in my home town on my home lake.

It was around nine or ten o’clock pm on a clear hot August night. My partner and I were fishing a stretch of bank we had fished many times before over the last few years. The night was quiet except for the low murmur of our own conversation. As we were talking I had him to stop and listen for a minute for I had thought I had heard a voice. Sure enough somewhere in the darkness we both heard it…sounded like a woman yelling. Next we heard a man yelling and then came the sound of a small outboard motor. A small boat was slowly coming up the lake toward us. We had up until then been fishing with our lights off so as soon as we heard the other boat coming we turned them on so they could see us and would know to go around.

The boat approaching was traveling very slow and it took them several minutes to make their way close to where we were. They didn’t have the first light shining on their boat and by the sound of things they were pretty well intoxicated. Lots of yelling and swearing going on and it sounded like they were all trying to give directions. The boat got within about twenty five or thirty yards from us before the driver ever even saw us which caused him to suddenly swerve [to the dismay of his passengers] and cut between us and the bank. This caused more yelling and swearing. As the small craft was passing I shined my own flashlight over in their direction to get a better grasp of the situation and was totally amazed at what I saw. There were five grown ups riding in a ten foot aluminum jon boat. The waterline looked to be about two inches from pouring over the side of the boat. I heard my partner say “Lord help um” when my light shined on them and he could see what was going on.

Well none were wearing life vests, the boat was very overloaded, much alcohol was being consumed and their were no lights on their boat anywhere…I’d have to say they were breaking a few rules.

As they slowly passed us by one of the drunks stood up and let me know without a shadow of a doubt that he didn’t like me shining that light on them. And when he stood up and waved his beer bottle at me and said his piece that’s when it happened…they sank. When he stood up and rocked the small craft it was just more than it could handle and with one sucking kind of a sound it vanished. My partner during and I sat there with mouths wide open in awe of what we had just seen.

Beer bottles and trash floated all around while the drunks made their way the short distance to the bank. Luckily no one was actually hurt but had this happened out in the middle of the lake things could have been a lot worse. Once out of the water the soggy five began a very long sobering hike back to the main road. The last we heard of them as they made their way through the woods and out of earshot was that someone’s daddy was gonna be real mad about his boat.

Needless to say as my partner and I prepared to head back down the lake to the weigh-in a short while later we both were wearing our life vest, made sure both flashlights were working and the boats running lights were on. And we have fished and boated in a much safer manner ever since.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Safe and sound in my own bed...or so I thought

Last night I was finally in bed after a long and tiring day. Tried to read a little but kept falling asleep after only a page or two so I just gave up and shut off the light. It didn’t take but a couple of minutes I’m sure and I was probably snoring and headed off to dreamland…or so I thought. Sometimes not even sleeping goes as planned.

I must have gotten very comfortable and still when I felt a slight pressure on my hand which immediately caused me to open my eyes. It felt like someone had very gently touched me on the hand. Without moving I strained to look around the dark room only to find no-one was there. But then only a second or two later I felt something touch my hand again but this time it felt like someone was scraping it with their fingernail. I guess instinct took over then and I jerk forward and knocked something off the bed up against the wall. I flipped on the light in time to see the tiniest little mouse scamper away in the dark.

Now all my friends that are close to me know that I’m not generally scared of anything. Not snakes, spiders, dogs or anything else that crawls, hops or flies. But this little mouse that just chewed on my knuckle completely un-nerved me. I went and put out rat poison all around the room, shook out my covers and even tried to go to sleep with the light on…which by the way didn’t work.

Well tonight I’ll be better prepared if I have any little fury visitors in the dark. Hopefully I won’t forget and step on half a dozen mousetraps on the way to the restroom in the middle of the night.