Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lucy Turns 100 Today

Glamorous publicity shot of Lucille Ball from the waist up, dressed in a blue strapless gown and smiling.

If you have clicked on the little T.V. that Google has on their homepage today, you already know that today would have been Lucille Balls 100th birthday. Having grown up watching “I Love Lucy” reruns it still hard to imagine that she’s no longer with us. Even though she passed away back in 1989 she is still missed by much of the world.
The very beautiful comedienne was one of my favorite actresses of all time. Not only was she pretty and talented, she was good in business as well. She sold her production company “Desilu” back in the 60’s to the tune of 17 million and simply started herself another one.
Her syndicated shows to this day are seen all over the world and never seem to lose popularity. This lovely redhead left the world a better place than she found it as far as I can tell. Happy birthday Lucy…wherever you are.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Internet is So Cool!

For those of you that graduated back in the early 80’s, you probably will relate to this a little more than today’s kids. Today’s young people have grown up with the internet always having been there. For those of us a little older, we clearly remember when there was no internet, or even cell phones.

The internet has changed our lives probably as much as when electricity was first being used…if not more. I remember vividly bill paying day. Usually on Friday, I would get in my car and ride all over the place, going to places I really didn’t want to go to and giving them money. Now with a click of the mouse, all bills are paid. I still don’t like giving anyone my money but I do save a bundle on gas.

I remember when the internet was first being offered. We were told you would be able to “surf” the net and go anywhere in the world. I thought to myself “how stupid, no ones gonna do that junk.” OK, now I wish I’d have bought stock in all that junk. I have surfed the net and been all over the world and travel to new places every night.

I regularly chat with people and friends from not only all over our country but the world as well. People used to do this long ago but they were called pen pals back then…and it took weeks to get a reply. The internet has brought me back in touch from friends from my past and from school, many I am sure I would have never seen or heard from again. These are the things that us 80’s folk understand. Before the internet, most never saw most of their classmates again after graduation. Now we are constantly shown where each other is at, what we are doing and even when we are going to bed. The world doesn’t seem quite so large and scary anymore…the internet is so cool.