Saturday, August 13, 2011

Old people can be so funny!

A nurse walked into a room with her patients lunch tray. “Would you like me to put it here” she asked…pointing at the table by the bed. “ No, no, it’s way too early for beer” he replied. You see the “Price is Right” was on and he was totally engrossed in it, and a little hard of hearing too. Shaking her head she put the tray on the table and walked out.

After about an hour of making rounds the nurse came back into the patients room to check on him and collect his tray. He was then sitting on the side of the bed and talking to an old friend that had stopped by to visit. She quietly collected the tray and headed for the door. Just as she was exiting the room she heard the friend say “why didn’t you get us a couple of those beers she told you about earlier.” She couldn’t help but smile all the way back to the nurses station.

Another day and another patient, this same nurse had another humorous situation. Her morning had been a little frantic, everyone in the place seemed to want her for something. She enters the room of her patient who had pressed his call button…or so she had thought. “Hello Mr. Jones, can I help you with anything,” she asked. “No” he replied. “Not unless you are a TV repairman” he added. He went on to say that he didn’t want to watch the show that was on but he couldn’t change the channel. She quickly reached up and flipped the channel until he saw what he wanted to watch and then headed back on down the hall.

About thirty minutes or so went by and Mr. Jones’s call light went to blinking again. Once again she headed back to see him. Upon entering she found him once again muttering about his TV. Now this frustrated her just a little. She really didn’t have time to run up and down the hall all day to change TV channels. Then she saw it, the call button remote was sitting beside the patient and the TV remote was sitting on his table. She picked up the TV remote and fiddled with it for a minute and handed it to him. Without letting him see, she put the call button on the table… “there I think I fixed it for you Mr. Jones,” she said. Mr. Jones didn’t mash his call button anymore that day.