Friday, August 19, 2011

Anywhere can be a classroom

Ah…what a beautiful morning down here on the river. The sun hasn’t been up long enough to make it too hot yet. Birds are busy chirping, singing and just generally doing whatever it is birds do. As for me I am enjoying my off day and my first cup of coffee. Not much better than an off day and coffee in my opinion.

Took my grand daughter Kadince on her first canoe ride yesterday. She did very well, had a great time and we didn’t turn over. Although it was pretty hot at times, she was a trooper and didn’t complain much. I think she was in awe most of the time at simply being out on the water and how much wildlife there was around us. It’s amazing the things you don’t see any more as a grown up. The world is truly a different place through a child’s eyes.

Each little thing that went on around us seemed to spawn many new questions for me to answer. Why do those little bugs on the water not sink and what do they eat, these were only two of about a hundred I had to answer. She got to see where beavers live and all the sticks they had stripped the bark from, which were scattered all around the edge of the pond.

All in all it was probably a good learning experience for both of us, I hope she never loses her zest for learning and her love for mother nature. I can see many more canoe trips in the near future. Have a great day…Lowell