Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are we alone?

Is life on other planets really that far fetched, or is the notion just good movie fodder? Well, water has been found elsewhere so the whole idea is possible I guess. What exactly would that mean to us if suddenly we did find out we aren’t alone? What if from out of the bright blue sky tomorrow a spaceship full of beings from somewhere else lands in our back yard. What will we do and how will we act?

The chances of us being able to communicate with them probably aren’t very good. Maybe if they have been monitoring our TV for a while we could just hand them a coke, they would know we were friendly then. Well, that’s how it works on television anyway.

I also have to wonder how long before we put together our own self sufficient space craft. One that can stay gone for years at a time, and truly explore our solar system. Many laugh at such an idea, but we have the technology readily available to us. For those of you that remember watching the original Star Trek series, just think of all the things they had that were not possible then but are everyday now. They used communicators to talk to each other…we have cell phones. They had gigantic super computers that ran their ship…we have laptops equally as powerful.

I doubt our government will play much of a part in this bold new venture into space…we are broke. More than likely some multi billionaire with more money than can be spent will fund such a project. I wouldn’t doubt that such billionaire will find a way to make even more money while doing so. After all it takes money to make money…least that’s what I’ve always been told.