Saturday, October 1, 2011

What a beautiful October morning. It’s clear and cool with tons of sunshine. Took my granddaughter to Carinas for breakfast and then back to the house to watch cartoons. Cartoons just aren’t what they used to be. What happened to writers that actually had an imagination. Now don’t get me wrong, the Pixar movies are pretty much all awesome but the thirty minute cartoons the kids see on T.V. everyday well…they’re lacking a little.

Ok, I’m done with that rant for now. Tonight is the Lake Catoma Classic. This is the last of the night tourneys for the season and I have fished enough to qualify to fish in the classic. The weather is probably going to be one of our toughest competitors tonight. It’s been warm fishing up until now, but tonight the temp may drop into the lower 40’s which I am totally not used to. Might be a test of wills.

Well the dryer has buzzed so it’s time to fold the towels. Guess I’ll wrap this ole’ blog up for the day. Good luck to the Tide tonight, may they roll through the swamp like a tsunami.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Motorcycle Stroll Through Blount County

Recently, I took the opportunity to ride my new bike through some of Alabama’s beautiful countryside. Riding partner Ronnie Holloway and I, took full advantage of the warm afternoon to cruise through some of Blount County’s fine back roads. The landscape in Blount County reminds me a great deal of riding in Tennessee, which by the way has some wonderful riding roads too.Ronnie had to stop a minute to yak on his phone.

One of the stops we made was at an old covered bridge that is no longer in service. This bridge is located on Easley Bridge RD and doesn’t look to be in all that bad of shape. It’s kind of a shame that the repair work hasn’t been kept up to date so that it can still be used.

As the cooler weather sets in, there will begin to be many more shorter rides as compared to our normal one to three hundred mile rides. Alabama has many historical sites and locations to visit and the surrounding counties are home to quite a few of them…more pictures soon.