Monday, October 17, 2011

Just thought I’d write down the events of my day, to see if when I read them back I’d have enough to use in my blog. Well I rode my Harley to work when it was nice and cool outside and back home when it was hot. Gotta love this weather here in Alabama.

Well, after arriving home after work I needed to run an errand. So without much debate, fired up the hog once again and headed out. Had a wonderful ride from the Garden City area all the way to Holly Pond and back. 91 is an awesome road to ride a motorcycle on, so many long sweeping curves that you almost get the sensation you are flying. This truly is one of my favorite roads to ride on.

Ride being over it was then time to feed the horses. All three were ready and waiting for me by the fence. I’m not exactly sure how good a horses eye site is supposed to be, but my three can spot a feed bucket at least a half a mile away. They are some sweet feed addicts for sure.

Ok, work done, riding done, chores done, it’s now time to sit down and do some writing. Well, I did sit down after my long day…and woke up an hour later. Guess I really am getting old. It’s funny how when I was young mom had to make me take a nap, now I seem to take one pretty regular without being told.

Well there’s my day in a nutshell. Hope it didn’t bore ya too bad. Maybe tomorrow will be a little more exciting…or not.