Friday, November 11, 2011

Witnessed a Good Deed

Today I was waiting patiently as the lady in front of me used the ATM machine outside the bank. When she finished her transaction, she turned to me and told me she had found a debit card. Someone had forgotten their card and left it out there on the machine.

Immediately I felt sorry for the person that lost the card. You see, not long ago I lost my card and it is quite nerve-racking. Luckily for the loser of this particular card the little ole’ lady and myself are honest. The lady asked me what she should do with the card. The bank was closed so first I wasn’t really sure what she said do.

Her first thought was that the person may come back in a few minutes, she wondered if she should just leave the card where she found it. I told her I thought that might not be the best thing in this case. I figured someone not so responsible might come along and wipe some poor souls account clean.

Had the bank been open I would have suggested we turn the card into the bank manager, today however was a holiday and would be closed for several more days.

After a little more thought, we decided to put the card in an envelope and place it into the after-hours slot in the drive-through. Although the person can’t use the card over the weekend at least all his money will be safe until Monday when the bank should contact him. Losing a debit card or credit card is a pretty frightening thing. It can be even worse if you don’t use the card very often and don’t realize it is missing right away.

If I ever lose my card again, I hope the little old woman that found this one today finds mine.