Sunday, December 25, 2011

Three of our own won't be home for Christmas...ever!

On Thursday (12-22-2011) three U.S. citizens were killed while riding a bus in Veracruz Mexico. These Americans along with several Mexicans were murdered when gunmen attacked the bus they were traveling in. Just traveling for the holidays, hurting no one and died for it.

Veracruz has become another hotspot as the Zetas gang and the Gulf drug cartels battle over control of the area. Reportedly, this was not a single incident and other busses were attacked and more innocents were killed on the same day in the Veracruz area.

While everyone seems to have a solution or opinion about what should be done along the border to end this drug war, one thing is certain, Mexico is no place for American citizens right now. When you cross the border into Mexico you are on your own. The police can’t help you. The drug cartels are not afraid of the local police. To them they are just more targets to shoot at.

One solution to this problem could be that the Mexican people need to stand up and fight for themselves. Over 46,000 people have died in this senseless drug battle during the last four or five years. The main problem that keeps the citizens from standing up to these gangs is that guns in Mexico are illegal. Only the military, the police and the criminals have guns. What’s really sad about the whole mess is the criminals are getting the guns from the U.S.

The United States could greatly help the Mexican government by drying up the gun and ammo streams flowing across the border. Without their supply of weapons coming in the gangs would soon begin to suffer at the hands of the military and police. Right now the local police are out manned and out gunned.

It’s going to take cooperation from both countries to get a handle on this borderline bloodbath. It probably won’t happen any time soon. So until it does, my advice to all U.S. citizens-Stay out of Mexico.