Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yesterday I fished on the Mulberry river near my home. The fishing was slow but the scenery was great. Well, today my partner Todd and I braved the rain and fished on Lake Catoma here in north central Alabama. While the fishing was still slow, a few more and bigger fish were caught. Todd is shown here admiring a fine spot he just landed…then released.

Todd went on to catch another spot but it wasn’t quite as big as his first one, he actually threatened me as I reached for my camera…yep, it was little. Needless to say there is no picture for that one. I did however manage a nice spot of my own which you can see below. It too was released unharmed.

The next fish to show you is my big largemouth. This fish took us both by surprise when she flashed just under the surface the first time. She pulled so hard at first that I thought I had hooked a big cat instead of a bass. All bass today were quickly photographed and released to fight again another day.

Tip for the day…fish slow. When you think you are fishing slow enough, slow down some more. All fish caught on jigs today.

Friday, January 6, 2012

For the past few days I have had the privilege of being off work. I have spent a great deal of this reprieve in the great outdoors. Even during the coldest months the Mulberry river gives up a few bass here and there. The bite was a little slow but the weather was perfect. The bass here was the only one I caught that day. Lost a couple more…but you can’t really count those.


While I spent some of my time fishing, some of my time was spent looking. Looking at some of the most gorgeous scenery around, I only have to step out the back door…well sort of. The property where I live borders the Mulberry river. Even in the dead of winter she is stunning to look at. The blue of the water, the browns of the forest and the splotches of green from the evergreens make Alabama a site to behold.

While sunsets pictures from the beach are great, our Bama sunsets and sunrises are often pretty special as well. Hope you enjoy. I have to go for now, fishing on the lake tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll have some bigger fish to show next time. Have a great day everyone, I’m outa here.