Thursday, January 26, 2012

My son and I went to Decatur today. Spent about half a day just walking through stores and looking at stuff. Not having been to the mall in years, we made that our first stop. Only problem with that was that we got there too early. While waiting for the stores to open, we had the pleasure of watching all the walkers walking in the mall. I don’t ever remember seeing that many people making use of a mall for exercise before.

Most of the people walking were older and most likely retired. Some walked alone and some either in pairs or small groups. I was amazed to see some of these elderly groups make lap after lap around the place. I was winded just watching. It was also interesting to watch as the faster paced power walkers came by navigating themselves through the others like racecars on a track.

While all walkers seem to all be moving at a different speed, they all seemed to have time for a smile and a wave as they passed. It was a very pleasant early morning atmosphere.

Well, as we left the comfort of the warm dry surroundings we ran into street flooding outside. Driving was slow and tedious at times and we passed two or three accidents on the way home. From what I could tell they were all minor and more of an inconvenience to those involved than anything else.

Arriving back in Cullman I took my son into Wal-Mart for a haircut. While he was getting all trimmed up, I had the pleasure of sitting on the little bench just outside and got to watch all the people come and go. To me, this was priceless. I got to see and hear the shoe squeakers and the umbrella drippers. Got to see a few wet t-shirts and one really wet young man who had been outside collecting buggies. But, the thing that will stick in my mind for a while wasn’t really what I wanted to see. A rather large woman, not fat mind you just large, walked in front of me. Why she needed to stop where she did I’ll never know, but it was right in my line of site. There in front of me was a big ole’ half moon coming up. She was wearing her jeans like she was a full fledge lil punk with his britches half off. And let me tell you these were half off. It was kinda like a car wreck, you couldn’t help but look and I couldn’t help but smile. What’s even funnier was that the people she was with were walking behind her and never said a word. Damn, only in Wal-Mart.