Sunday, February 5, 2012


Ever wonder why life seems to beat and batter us around so much. At times I often feel like a small boat drifting aimlessly around at the mercy of wind and water. Watching the struggles that go on daily with hands tied and unable to help. I wonder why some seem to have all their hopes and dreams realized but don’t seem to appreciate it or deserve it while others seem to continuously have theirs ripped away from them.

I watch many that aren’t as lucky as I seem to be. Their little boat too is being blown around to and fro but it has a leak and is sinking. I think there comes a time when the little boat becomes to much a burden and tiresome and a decision must be made. To either bail harder and faster or simply swim to shore and start over.

Sometimes when the decision to make a change has been made a great burden is immediately lifted. With the new boat now splitting through the waves you realize just how heavy and cumbersome the old boat was, and just how much it was holding you back. Now instead of bailing continuously you can set your sights on new and better horizons. New dawns and spectacular sunsets now await you. Sometimes the grass is actually greener on the other side.