Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pay it Forward

Good morning friends,

With coffee in hand and the sun streaming in through my office window I wonder what I should blog about today. For the past few months my blogs have gotten farther and farther apart. It’s not that I have been lazy, it’s just that I started writing the rough draft on my first book. Once this project started all other writing seemed to have taken a back seat. I have however been encouraged my writing mentors to not let my articles and blogs fall by the wayside just because I have another project going. They say to remain sharp and to continue learning the craft one must write everyday. So here I am.

I’d like to touch on a problem today that affects us all in some form or fashion most everyday of our lives. That problem would be complaining. This problem often starts for me early in the morning at home and then seems to follow me to work as well. No one seems to ever be satisfied with anything anymore. Kids don’t like the groceries we buy or seem to appreciate the fact that WE buy them in the first place. Co-workers complain that breaks aren’t long enough…even though some take twice as long a break as others and the past few days we all are complaining about gas prices. I find no fault in that last one.

I must admit that I too have been known to be a complainer at times. But in all honesty, I don’t think it’s ever done me very much good except to maybe annoy those around me. I have to wonder what a difference it would make if the whole country decided on the “pay it forward” attitude for just one day. Just think about all the good and positive feelings that would quickly spread across the land. The taxi driver dropping the little old lady off at the grocery store might simply say “Hey this ones on me, have a nice day.” What if the media decided to dig a little deeper and find something positive to write about for a change instead of how bad things are getting. The power of suggestion truly is powerful and it does work. These are only a couple of things that can be done but there are millions more waiting for the chance to happen. Why not give it a try, certainly can’t hurt anything and it sure does feel good.

Pray for Andrew and Hunter, these two young men need all the help they can get.