Friday, March 2, 2012

You Can't Fix Stupid!

Here in the southeast along with the Midwest states we once again wake up with uneasy feelings due to the weather. While technology is the greatest it has ever been…still people die in these storms. Our weather experts now have the ability to tell us days before of possible bad weather; they tell us where and when the weather will strike and yet so many people still ignore the warnings. I have often heard many comedians saying “you can’t fix stupid” does this prove that theory?

Even after all the death and destruction of last April I still hear people that don’t take mother nature very seriously. Here in Alabama we have had tornadoes since April and ever now and then I still hear some of my friends say “oh I just slept through it.” These are grown ups with children. It’s hard for me to understand why or how anyone would simply ignore such a dangerous and potentially life threatening situation. Even heard some of them say that if the good Lord wanted them to live then they would live. The way I see it, he gave us a brain and the ability to look out for ourselves and our families, so why not do it.

But like always, when this round of weather is over there will be those that will proudly brag to their friends and family that they simply slept through it. My only hope is that the good Lord takes pity on the fools and lets them slide one more time.