Friday, March 9, 2012

One Lucky Bunny!

In my home office where I write I now have a new companion…a baby bunny. The little rabbit was given to me by one of the supervisors where I work. Seems that the little fellow was out in the open when he was first spotted. He probably would have been left there on his own but the supervisor also spotted something else watching the lil fur ball, it was a big ole’ red tailed hawk.

Well, after a being here a few days the bunny isn’t quite as timid as he was when he first arrived and will actually eat out of my hand. I think all in all he is pretty lucky. Instead of being a meal for a hawk he is now spoiled and pampered in his own brand new cage. All the food he can eat and fresh water he can drink is at his disposal. Guess that’s kinda like being on wild kingdom welfare. Have a great day!