Friday, April 6, 2012

Good morning world

It’s a beautiful cool Spring morning here in Alabama. For those of you reading in other parts of the world I hope your day is equally as gorgeous. For me I think at least part of my day will be spent doing yard work. Grass needs mowing and weeds need trimming. At least it won’t be hot today.

As April is just getting started I can’t help but remember this time last year. Violent weather seemed to rock the entire nation in one form or fashion. The evidence of that weather is still painfully with us today. At the same time I can’t help but remember how each and every community came together to help each other. People that didn’t know each other working side by side helping one another. There was no race, gender or political issues, only people helping people. Friends were made that will last lifetimes. The pay it forward attitude was abundant the weeks following the tornadoes and the amount of good done was immeasurable. To all of those who helped someone in need…thank you and God bless.