Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Online Presence

With rain coming and spoiling my plans for the evening I’ve decided to attempt to build up my online presence. How and why would I do such a thing you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you. You see I’m writing this book, one of these days I hope to actually finish said book and get it published. If and when that day comes who will buy my book? As of right now probably no one. Now on the other hand…if I have a strong online presence maybe thousands will buy my book…or more.

I have been told by several published authors [that I respect a great deal] that a good online presence builder is blogging. Blogging lets you reach out an touch hundreds and even thousands of perspective down the road book buyers with the click of a mouse. As you blog each day your readers begin to know you. They get used to your style of writing, how you communicate and basically whether or not they like you or think you are full of…well you know.

What you hope and dream of as a writer is to be read. What I hope for as a writer goes even farther than that. I hope to stir something up inside you. I hope you either like me or you don’t. My worst fear is to bore you…I’d rather piss you off than to bore you. Bored readers don’t care what you have to say and they don’t come back. Now I have been blogging for some time now and have a few people following me…I want more. I’m going to step up my game from this point forward to add the whole world to my subscriber list. Are you a writer? If so this is the attitude you and I must have to succeed in this business. Blogging is a powerful tool-Use it!

For all of you that seem to find and read everything I do God bless you, you are awesome and so very much appreciated.