Friday, September 14, 2012

Politicians are all liars and hypocrites.

Don’t really care much for politics, actually I don’t care for politics at all. Sadly enough, this usually leaves me in the dark when political conversations come up at work or anywhere else I may be at the time. I don’t miss much sleep over it though. Why, you might wonder? Because I already have it all figured out. Politicians are all liars and hypocrites.

Even though I try hard not to listen to all whining and bickering I still hear my fair share. For instance, one side or the other is always blaming the people for the high unemployment rate. Claiming that the people wouldn’t work if they had jobs to go to. In some cases that is true but not for the most part. There are still plenty of Americans able and willing to get up and go to work everyday to support their families. What about all of the career politicians, especially the ones actually claiming to work for the people. Would they get up and go to “work for the people” everyday if we put them in the same tax bracket as the rest of us? I doubt it. These people knew before they even left high school what they wanted to be when they grew up, fat, lazy, non-working rich politicians sponging off the working class. So what is the difference between them and say some healthy person living off of a disability check that they don’t deserve. Some might argue that at least the politicians do hold a job and play a productive role in our society…really, can’t hardly see the results if they are.

Hmmm… I like where this line of questions is going. What do you think our government would look like if suddenly they were all put on lower middle class pay scale? I think it would look like rats running from my bush hog as I mow my hay field. But you know what? Sometimes in order to promote new growth you have to burn out all the old growth. Maybe such a drastic change in government would actually let in a few people that really would work for the people. Maybe such a change would bring back the mom n pop businesses that have always made our country special. Maybe then the American dream wouldn’t seem so impossible. Surely to God the American dream isn’t get up and go work at Wal-Mart everyday. I can imagine our forefathers turning over in their graves, wondering “what are they thinking.”

I think the system as a whole needs revamped. It’s not just the Democrats or Republicans fault, the whole system is screwed up. Here we are down here in the working world paying these politicians to work for us and what are they doing? Their making deals and investing in all the right stocks and getting filthy rich. Hell, maybe it’s our fault since we are after all the farmers. Maybe for the last fifty years or so we’ve just been planting bad seeds. I say we burn off the field and start completely over. With real people. God Bless and good night. PS. If God Bless and good night offends you, I don’t really care about that either.