Friday, December 14, 2012

God bless you Newtown, Conn.

All across our country and the world for that matter, moms and dads sent their little ones off to school. For many this was the last school day before Christmas vacation. Now is a time for rejoicing and celebration and also time away from the daily grind of school and homework. But for twenty little innocent souls and eight grownups it would simply be their last day.


In the quaint little town of Newtown Conn. a deranged gunman would alter the lives of so many in a matter of minutes. Adam Lanza walked into an elementary school and committed the most horrible crime imaginable; he gunned down school teachers and an entire classroom full of kindergarten children. At the time of this writing no motive is known for what spurred this maniac into such madness. Not that it would matter, the terrible damage and devastation to these victims, their families, the community and even our country has already been done.


As Newtown searches for answers as to why such an atrocity took place in their town, I only hope the rest of the nation searches for a real way to prevent such events from happening. There has to be a solution for keeping the people that don't belong in school out of the school. This trend in school shootings is on the rise, we need to quickly send that trend in the other direction. Schools don't have to be patrolled by our military but they do need to be secure. Courthouses across our nation are becoming more secure every day. Why can't our schools where our most precious children go to learn and play adopt the same policy.


God bless you Newtown, Conn., the victims and their parents and the whole Sandy Hook Elementary School.