Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Writers Block?

Well I’m about to end this day the same way I started it…listening to the rain. Kinda relaxing don’t you think? I’ve done more reading and researching today than actual writing. It seems that my mentors, actual published authors have quite a lot of advice for us wannabes. I can’t imagine a writer’s life before the internet. Just think if you wanted to research a subject and the library was closed you were out of luck. Not only that you had to take your own photos.


The internet has made our lives easier in more ways to count. As a writer these days there should be no such thing as “writers block.” If you are ever stuck just pull up some strange place or town on Google Earth and fly down to street level.  You can then roam about until you find something interesting to write about. Don’t think you’ll find anything, try it you’ll be amazed. Myself I like to ride and see the country on my Harley; but when that isn’t possible I don’t mind using the other tools I have available.


You guys have a great night, I’m gonna go listen to the rain a little more.