Saturday, January 26, 2013


With a fresh cup of steaming coffee in hand I look at the blank page in front of me. Without a clear plan for today’s blog I’m not real sure where the path of words will take me. It all seems a little gray and fuzzy, like the scene outside my window this morning. The good thing about a blank page or a new day in front of you is that you have a chance to mold and shape them anyway you choose. Being that this is my last day off before I go back to work I feel the need to pack as much into it as I possibly can. I don’t like going back to work thinking I missed out on something.


For those that know me well know that I ride my motorcycle nearly everywhere I go. Motorcycle riding has been in my blood since my teenage years and will probably remain there for my duration. When given the chance to combine this passion with any of my other hobbies the enjoyment level really escalates. One example would be metal detecting. By strapping my detector on my bike I am able to combine two great hobbies into one day. Not only do I get to ride and hunt for treasures but I save gas at the same time.


Having a booth in the basement section of Finders Keepers in Cullman I am always on the lookout for items I think people will want to buy. Once again my bike plays a part in this venture as well. Since I ride all over the southeast anyway, I get to stop in at places and shop around, sometimes finding the coolest things. One man’s trash is most definitely almost always another man’s treasure. The trick is to get these two people together.


So where will this day take me? I haven’t a clue. Will I find a three or four thousand dollar coin today or become one of the great American pickers…not if I don’t get moving. You guys have a great day. Get out and do something…you won’t regret it.