Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bikers Attack SUV

Before the hysteria is over, millions of people will have watched the video of the biker group attacking the SUV. I have watched the clip several times myself. As a long time biker, I guess I was hoping to somehow find fault with the SUV driver. Unfortunately, the video evidence seems to show that one of the bikers caused the initial accident. What can’t be seen is what happened the few seconds after the vehicle struck the motorcycle. Did mob mentality take over? It is understandable that all the bikers would rush to check on their friend that had been hit; it is also understandable that at this point in time, fingers would be pointing and insults thrown at the vehicle driver. I can see where the driver would have been terrified for himself and family.

It is speculated on a different video that the biker group were slowing down to block traffic, in order to do tricks. So many laws were broken in this short video that it’s just astounding. As a member of a club that doesn’t condone this type of riding, I have to say that I am deeply ashamed that this incident has occurred. Unless new video is brought forth showing that the driver of the SUV was somehow at fault, I simply can’t blame him for speeding away and protecting his family. Here in Alabama, or in most of the rest of our country, the two thugs smashing in the windows of the SUV would have been shot.

I am a compassionate man; anyone that knows me can verify that. I am sorry for all injured parties. This entire charade should have never have taken place. The most severely injured man will never walk again. I have to wonder what is going through his head as he lays there in the hospital. Was all the fun and games worth it? Was taking over the city streets, causing confusion, mayhem, and panic, worth the hurt and pain he and his family now face? Many will argue that this guy simply went back to check on his friend. That’s commendable, be the fact that he was riding with this group on this day was not. It is a miracle that no one was killed.

As a biker I offer an apology to the rest of the nation. The actions of those in the video do not represent the majority of bikers.

If you have not seen the video you can watch it here.