Sunday, October 5, 2014

Damn Thieves

Not having blogged in a while, I thought I’d take a break from working on my book, and share some thoughts with you. Today I had to run to town to do a little shopping. While making my way around the store, I noticed a sketchy looking fellow, also seemingly shopping. The second time I crossed paths with this guy while looking for my items, I noticed he was drinking a drink. Not that unusual, many people often drink a drink while shopping, and then pay for them as they leave. Something told me this guy had no intention of paying. So, what did I do? I followed him. What did he do? He left his empty drink in the automotive section.

With my shopping and investigating now done, I headed to the front to pay for my stuff. I really wanted to tell the manager, but, now the only proof was sitting on a shelf with no one connected to it, my word against his. To make matters worse, the sketchy guy and his wife stood behind me in line while waiting to buy a pack of smokes. The smug looks on their faces really pissed me off but, I decided not to make a scene and just let it go.
As I made my way across the parking lot, the manager just happened to be putting a buggy in the rack next to my truck. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let him know what had been going on. He immediately headed back inside to put an eyeball on his drink thief. He will recognize him next time.

I guess I will never understand why some people think they need to steal from others. And many like this guy today, do it so casually. Have any of you ever witnessed this behavior? If you do what will you do. I’m curious as how my readers will respond to this.