Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I've Been Doing It All Wrong

My day and a half off this week flew by swiftly. The weather fortunately was awesome for January; I even got to do a little riding. There’s nothing quite like a little Harley time in the middle of winter. I’m afraid that for this nice warm spell we’ve had here in Alabama, we’ll have to pay for it soon.

After reading an article the other day, I realized I’ve been in the wrong business for many years. It seems that the real money to be made is by post pictures, and videos, of cats on the internet; especially the ones with a grumpy disposition. It seems that the owner of “Grumpy Cat,” has raked in a six or seven figure income by doing just that. With help from her fat, feline pet, she has made a small fortune.

After reading said article, I immediately released three videos of my own crazy cat to “You Tube.” I am now currently sitting back and waiting for the checks to start rolling in.