Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just Because It's On Facebook...

 Well this morning started out well. Grandbaby that has the flu is feeling better, coffee is hot, and the sun is shining. It’s going to be a great day. Oh and I’m off work today, so that’s a bonus. This subject of this blog is the responsibility of the media. By media I don’t just mean the local and national news, and the tabloids. Social media is just as big a player in the news as any of the other sources.

Social media delivers news often seconds after events happe
n. Just as regular reporters deliver their stories, we social media reporters need to learn to report only the facts. It’s ok to pass along news worthy stories to the public, but, make sure you aren’t passing along speculation. Speculation is often wrong and emotional based and often does more harm than good. Sometime in the near future I hope we discover a news source we can actually trust.

One story that has been reported on and started the rumor mill running wild is the tragic accident of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Christina. Immediately the rumor mill started. Assuming and speculating is not good reporting and it shows a lack of integrity on the part of those doing it. Reporting or even talking about cases such as this even on social media should be done only with facts. I often wonder where the respect for other humans has gone in this day and age of high technology.

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Lowell Henderson