Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Building Your Brand

“Building your brand,” is something writers have been schooled on for years now. After all, the more popular you are the more books you can sell. Now it seems that the rest of the professional world is catching on to this whole branding idea. Never before have there been so many possibilities and avenues for branding oneself. Social media is creating wealthy people every single day.

From rock stars to weathermen people are learning that social media is the best and fastest way to interact with their fans. For some a single tweet goes out to millions of fans; while others choose to use a Facebook post or a You Tube video. But, is just using social media enough, or is there a method to all this madness?

As I continue to work on my online retirement income I spend much of my time learning. Learning means growing, and growing my business and becoming self-sufficient is my main goal. Just having tons of friends on Facebook or thousands of people following you on Twitter is not enough. What separates you from any other Joe Blow on the internet is how you interact with your fans and followers. Interact being the key word of today’s blog. Simply throwing a post or tweet out every so often is not interacting in the best possible way. The most successful internet careers are those built on positive interaction.

No matter what business you work in or aspire to work in, positive interaction with your fans and followers is your best tool. Take the time to actually meet the faceless Facebook friends you have. If you only have 15 minutes a day to be on social media, use it wisely. Be nice, there is not enough time to waste any of it being negative. Some people spend a few minutes a day to a few hours a day interacting with fans and followers…and it works. Try it you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will also make the world a little better place for those around you. Have a nice day. Lowell Henderson

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