Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why Should You Build a Fan Base?

First of all before we answer the title question, let’s answer another question. Who should build a fan base? The way I see it, any professional can benefit from building a sizable fan base. Musicians, writers, actors, and athletes discovered long ago the importance of their fans. Without them they would be nothing.


Other professionals such as doctors, lawyers, food truck operators, skating rink owners, and even contractors can benefit from having an active fan base. Social media is the perfect place for a business to gain popularity and fans.


Many business owners are behind the times when it comes to social media and the benefits connected with it. Why would a contractor even bother spending time on Facebook or Twitter? Well, for one thing, social media is free advertising. All business owners know the value of advertising. Radio, TV, and newspapers were once the only real choices an owner had. A contractor could spend just a few minutes a day putting his business out there on social media and reach customers that never knew he or she existed. Word of mouth on social media is much greater than the old word of mouth method. If one happy customer posts what a great job you did, ten more may call the next day. That one post might be the little push the new customers needed to send them in your direction. Hey, and it was free.


Advice for new businesses building fans or your brand; don’t promise things you can’t deliver. Don’t be too pushy, and most important be nice. People want to work with nice, honest people. If you’d like to learn more about social media, I will be blogging more about it soon. Take a minute to subscribe to my blog. I hope each of you has had a great day. See you soon…Lowell Henderson.