Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hats Off to Published Authors

Not long ago I was talking with a friend about the book I have been writing. He was amazed first of all that I was a writer, and he thought it was cool I was writing a book. As we parted ways, he told me not to forget him when I was rich and how I would have it made when my book was published. His comments did make me smile, but I thought to myself, “Boy if you only knew.”
I had that same idea about writers years ago when I first started. I thought a writer must have the best, easiest life in the whole world. Well, some do; others work there ass off just to make ends meet.
Writing a book is hard work, harder than I ever imagined. You have to give so much of yourself to a project that has no guarantee of success. You lose time with family and friends that you can’t get back; but still being dedicated you press on. With or without an agent you spend lots of time promoting your work. The time spent promoting always feels like it should be spent writing.
A writer always deals with setbacks of one kind or another. If you haven’t made it to full time writer status, then you probably have schedule issues that continually pop up. Family issues arise, and in my case, computer issues. Some days it seems like the words just flow smoothly; other days it’s like my computer has a mind of its own and refuses to cooperate.
But even with all these obstacles in the way to me the end reward will be worth it. Thousands of authors struggle through and are published each year. That is the reason for today’s title. My hat truly is off to each of you published authors…be proud, you earned it.