Sunday, May 17, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Well friends, after what seemed like a terribly long four day week, today my weekend officially starts. The pets have been fed, the dog has been walked, and the coffee is hot. I look forward to the day that I start every day just like this, working from my home office and feeling as relaxed as a Lionel Richie song. It doesn't hurt either that the rest of the house is still sleeping.

Another reason this day seems so pleasant, I am working on my new computer my wife bought me. I think now my book "The Omars," will finally get finished. Writing had become such a chore on my old laptop that I was starting to dread getting started. Not any more, this new one is very fast and has enough memory to run NASA I think. Well, maybe not that much, but you get the picture.

For all my friends and followers that read my different articles and blogs, I thank you very much. Without readers a writer is nothing. My writings to me are like little boats sent out onto the sea; some float high and proudly while others flounder, wallow, and eventually sink. Whatever the case, I thank each of you for taking the time and interest to read my stuff. You are all much appreciated.
Lowell Henderson