Friday, June 5, 2015

Really? Because You Read It On Facebook?

For a writer Facebook can be the most wonderful place. It’s a place where writers can post links to their written work, learn of new topics to write about, and interact with fans and followers. For some, such as myself is both a place of business and recreation. For some poor souls it’s nothing more than a place to stir up drama and gossip.


What I really have on my mind today, is the amount of bad journalism the internet provides us with. By bad journalism, by no means, do I mean missing commas, periods, and question marks. If that were the case I would be writing about myself. The stories and the imagination of many writers does concern me. For instance, if you are an article writer and your research comes from browsing Facebook…you are struggling. You might as well be researching your topic straight from a grocery store tabloid. You know the ones, they keep us informed about all the new alien news, and what movie star is sleeping with what other movie star. Wake up people, there is more crap journalism on the internet than there are grocery stores.


For those of you that aren’t writers, you have to understand that most internet writers including myself, get paid for views. The more views you get, the more you get paid, simple as that. What I don’t agree with is the amount of sensationalism and drama writers think they need to provide. The way I see it, if your story isn’t good enough to stand alone without making fun of someone, hurting someone, or down right slandering, you need to write a new story.


Journalists are often the eyes and ears of this country. I think as a journalist you should at least try to include a few true facts in articles and not just opinions. Especially opinions that you didn't even form yourself, but, copied from other articles across the social media platforms. I put myself in this group as well. If my writings don’t seem to add up, I challenge each of you to do your own research, dig deeper, and find out the real truth. I’ll give you a quick example of how gullible people can be. Google this: Lake Catoma Lake Monster. This is a satirical piece I wrote years ago that had just a dash of truth to it. Unfortunately many people believed the whole thing.


Yes, I believe writers owe it to the public to tell the truth. There are two sides to every story, tell them both. Our country is in the shape it’s in now partially because of biased journalism. Journalists can play a part in restoring honor, dignity, and trust to this nation. It’s time to get started. If it has to start with me, so be it. I am not afraid. You guys have a great day.

Lowell Henderson

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Are You Getting the Most From Facebook?

Are you getting the most from Facebook? Whether you are a writer, small business owner, or a promotions manager, Facebook is an important tool these days. Facebook can put you in touch with thousands of people with each post. While most already realize this simple fact, many still aren’t sure how to get the most using Facebook. Properly using Facebook requires more than just posting your business online. It requires that you make a connection with your audience.
Having 5000 friends on Facebook doesn't do much good if say only 1% of them ever respond to your posts. This article is going to show you how to begin to increase those numbers. The way to succeed through social media is so easy, but, yet so hard for some to comprehend. So what is this great answer we have all been looking for? You have to be social. To be more specific, you have to learn to be nice. For many being nice comes naturally, for others they have to work at it a bit more.
Let me give you an example that will show just how powerful this concept is. On Friday August 15, 2014 a writer by the name of Paulo Coelho was highlighted in the Wall Street Journal. Paulo is extremely successful with more than 165 million books sold in some 80 languages. The fact that Paulo handles his own publicity really makes this astounding. Paulo spends an average of three hours a day on social media interacting with his fans, being nice. This philosophy has made Paulo Coelho extremely rich. Paulo’s net worth is estimated at over 535 million dollars.
Everyone isn’t fortunate enough to have three hours a day to spend on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Devoting ten to fifteen minutes a day however is possible for most. Make the most of the small amount of time you have. Paulo tries to talk to at least 30 new fans every day and say something positive to them. This interaction is the key to success, along with good writing. As you scroll through your news feed, take the time to comment on things your fans or followers are talking about. If you have a fan that is sick with the flu, take the time to offer a personal get well. And, unless you are a political writer, by all means avoid anything negative. Keep your posts upbeat and cheerful.
Social media interaction is not hard, but it is work. With 25.6 million Facebook fans and 9 million Twitter followers, one would have to believe that Paulo Coelho has social media figured out. Using the “be nice,” concept, you will be surprised at how fast your followers and fan base begins to grow. This brand building, be nice concept, is only one of many ways to utilize Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Interacting with followers and fans on a personal level, builds your brand in ways that simply buying ad space cannot. When you can bring real integrity to your business, you bring something special to the table. This might just be what it takes to keep your business, book, or brand, from blending in with everyone else.