Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Nation Divided

A divided country is an unstable country, which also makes us a vulnerable country. This makes us prone to attacks from both the inside and the outside. We must, in this new era we are embarking on ask ourselves…is this the kind of nation we want to live in? Unless we make a move to stand together, we will fall apart together. Like it or not our election is over, and like spilled milk it will not help by crying over it. It’s time to clean up the mess and move on as one nation.

No matter how you voted, what you believe in, or what side you claim to be on, protesters do have the right to peacefully protest things they don’t believe in. Peacefully is the key word here. Turning over cars, burning things, and violence does not fall into that category. When you as protesters go from peaceful to violent or aggressive you lose your credibility and you at that instantly become a criminal.

If you as a protester want to be heard and not arrested, take the time to write a letter to your local newspaper, your congressman, or even your state representative. Your voice will be heard by many more that way rather than blocking freeways and causing destruction. For those of you stomping the American flag and kneeling during the Star Spangle Banner…really? For one, most of the nation doesn’t even know why you are kneeling in the first place, and the rest don’t care. You are now seen as disrespectable to those that fought to give you the right to live free. If you didn’t understand that part read it again.

For those of you waving flags of other countries, go back to those countries. We already have a flag here and we don’t need another one. If the places you came from are so great, then why are you here? Maybe you miss the Sinaloa raiding your little girl’s birthday party, and killing everyone inside. Or, maybe some of you miss the sounds of bombs blowing up and the children screaming in the night. If that is the case, we will certainly help you get back to the land you love. You are one plane ticket away from happiness and bliss.

The path to a better nation runs through all of us. All groups, clubs, races, religions, etc., must lead the way and be an example. Start now.

Lowell Henderson